you got questions, I have answers

Q. What are cuttlefish?

A. Cuttlefish are molusks. They are in the same family as squids and octopodes. Cuttlefish have a unique internal shell called a cuttlebone. They live for about 2 years and then wash up on beach. You can also find them in the pet store for birds.

Q. What is cuttlefish casting?

A. I use cuttlebone to cast. The outside has a calcified hard outside, while the inside is nice and soft, easy to carve. The bone itself gives my pieces the rad texture. Cuttlebones are one of the oldest materials used for casting and other surface treatments, dating back to the Vikings and Greeks.


Q. Can you make bangles fit my tiny/big wrists?

A. YES! Of course! I simply need the diameter of your wrist and the diameter of the meatiest part of your hand when you squeeze it like you are putting on some bangles. TA-DA custom size bangle just for you!


Q. Can you make a ring to fit my fingers?

A. YES! I just need your ring size. This goes for knuckle rings too- I will need the sizes of the two fingers you want to wear your new awesome UDOP exclusive.


Q. What's up with returns?

If you are unhappy with a UDOP piece of jewelry- you can return unworn jewelry to us within 2 weeks of delivery or in-studio purchase for a refund, less the cost of shipping or exchange. You must provide a receipt of purchase for return to be valid.

This does not include custom made pieces. Custom made pieces are non-refundable. 

Q. How do I clean brass?

Ketchup. Yep, seriously, it does that damn thing. Take your brass pieces and cover them in delicious ketchup. Wait about 20-30 minutes and rinse clean. Maybe eat a hot dog or take a shower, whatever you feel like.vBOOM! Beautiful shiney shiney pieces.

Q. Do you make everything?

Yep. It is just me. Every piece of jewelry has been hand-made with my very own two strong hands.

Q. Will your earrings irritate my earlobes, they are sensitive?

Nope, unless you are allergic to sterling silver. All my earring backs and posts are made from sterling silver. 


More questions- just email me!!